Nemóphila's Norwegian Forest Cats




Norway, homeland of our forest cats



High mountains, dark forests and ruff ice lakes. A coast of two thousand kilometers, carved by many fjords, where ice cold waves reach the grey steep cliffs.

That’s Norway, for more then half in the grip of the polar climate.

In this inhospitable, thinly populated country from Europe, lives for ages the Norwegian Forest Cat

Just to look at such a natural cat, with such a kind-hearted character, you wouldn’t believe that this phenomenon can and will live together with us.


Our cattery

We have a small cattery and we breed just for our hobby now and then a litter, which grow up in our house with lots of care and love.

All our cats are during the day (when we are not at home) in the "cathouse" in our garden, where they have the opportunity to climb or lie lazy in the sun and in the evening they come inside.

As you probably know, the first three-month in a cats life are very importent to get good socialized adult cats. That’s why they grow up in our living room, with the other cats: Thomas, he is very sweet, Loekie who thinks sometimes that the kittens are to busy and can be very grumpy, Auntie Belle she is the majesty and likes to be approached with lots of respect.

All of these influences make our "forest dears" grow up as characteristic cats whom are nice to live with.




Nemóphila is Latin for a little flower, which means "Forest Dear".

We hope to give you some information with this website about our dearly beloved race.

When you are in the neighborhood, you are always welcome to visit our cats and us.




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