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EP/EC Narviks Gwendolyn

- Onze Linda -

3 februari 1997 - 10 mei 2006

- Every little thing she did was magic! -

Foto 7 mei 2006

Dag lieve Linda, we zullen je nooit vergeten!

Martin en Petry,
je halfbroer en grote liefde onze Thomas,
en alle andere Bosliefjes


Alex Nicolai
Aegir Thomas
Alvar Felix
Geras Anubis
Ebony Elsa Ü
Elsa Gwendolyn


Joshua Remi
Mika Magnus
Melrose Victoria
 Maiken Makena
Ma-Donna Mistral


Feline Ilex Rocky
Feline Ilex RoosMarijn
Feline Ilex Rosalinda


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May I go now.
May I go. May I go now.
Do you think the time is right.
May I say goodbye to pain-filled days.
And endless lonely nights.
Iíve lived my live and done my best
An example tried to be
So can I take that step beyoned?
And set my spirit free.
I didnít want to go at first
I fought with all my might
But something seems to draw me now
To a warm and lovely light
I want do go, I really do
Itís difficult to stay
But I will try as best I can
To live just one more day
To give you time to care for me
And share your love and fears
I know you are sad and so afraid
Because I see your tears
Iíll not be far, I promise that
And hope youíll always know
That my spirit will be close to you
Wherever you may go
Thank you so for loving me
You know I love you to
Thatís why it is hard to say goodbye
And end this live with you.
So hold me now, just one more time
And let me hear you say
Because you care so much for me
You let me go today.


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